Readerbound Editions Available Now

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Readerbound editions are the most durable binding available, are the best priced, and dog gone it are pretty nice to look at too! Our books are intended for classrooms and libraries and are sold in bulk (minimum 5 copies per title). If you are familiar with Follettbound, Everbind, Perma-bound, or Mackinbound editions, our editions serve the same purpose but are typically priced lower and are built with high-strength materials.

prebound Everbind Follettbound Perma-bound Mackinbound

The industry term for these types of bindings is pre-bound, library bound, or reinforced hardcover. Essentially it means that more durable materials are used when creating the book and the pages are bound with either PUR glue, thread stitching, or wire stitching. Our process uses wire stitching which is incredibly durable and ensures that the pages don’t fall out.


prebound Follettbound Perma-bound Everbind Mackinbound

We offer many of the most favorite titles taught in English classrooms. To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, Diary of a Young Girl, Night, Fahrenheit 451, and 1984 are just a few of our bestsellers. Contact us for a quote!







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